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Luther 451


Posted by Pastor Christopher Hull on

Yesterday on our Hymn Sing, Hyr Sing episode, I mentioned the need for the church to begin memorizing the three keys texts of The Faith.  The first text is Sacred Scripture. A lot  of people will say, "Is it possible to memorize all of the bible?" Well, for one person this would be...

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Tags: bible, luther, memory, hymnal, 451, book of concord

Why the Readings?


Posted by Pastor Christopher Hull on

Every Sunday in the liturgy, we are blessed to have what is called a lectionary, or a set of readings for every Sunday and Feast Day in the Church Year. There are specific readings for certain days like Easter, Christmas Eve, Pentecost, Trinity VII, and Epiphany II. Why does the church do this?...

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Tags: bible, jesus, lectionary