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Joyful learning

Posted by Pastor Christopher Hull on

The Treasury writing today is from C.F.W. Walther. He wrote, "A person may pretend to be a Christian while in reality he is not. As long as he is in this condition, he is quite content with his knowledge of the mere outlines of the Christian doctrines...However, the moment a person becomes a Christian, there arises in him a keen desire for the doctrine of Christ." (Treasury 780).

A Christian always desires to know more about and have greater assurance of their salvation. A Christian is not content or comfortable with knowing just the things they learned as a child, but instead they desire to build on those things they learned as a child. A Christian devours their bible, has to buy a new hymnal every few years due to wear and tear, and desires to read the Father's of the faith and sit at their feet to learn more concerning the many doctrines that are drawn from the Holy Scriptures. A Christian is never satisfied, but desires to learn more and more until they are brought to their heavenly home.

We don't desire to learn more because we believe that by our knowledge we will be saved. No. We don't have to pass an entrance exam to gain access to heaven. Rather, we desire to know more about God, The Work of Jesus, Justification, Baptism, the Lord's Supper, Creation, The Ministry, Predestination, The Last Day, The Incarnation, the Atonement, The Resurrection, the Work of the Holy Spirit, all because it gives us greater assurance of our identity as children of God, ones destined for eternal life in heaven. So, may the Holy Spirit be granted to us anew so that we hunger and thirst for righteousness as it is revealed to us in the words of Holy Scripture. May we continue to learn more and more each day of the love that our Father has for us in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Peace be with you. May the devil be silenced, the world be hushed, and the Old Adam be drowned anew so that you hear only the peaceful voice of your Savior Jesus who says, "I love you. I forgive you. I claim you as My own forever," Amen

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