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Jesus died for Chief Brody

Posted by Pastor Christopher Hull on with 2 Comments

Who is Chief Brody? If you've never seen the blockbuster movie,  "Jaws," then you probably don't know who Chief Brody is. The movie "Jaws," is s suspense movie directed by Steven Spielberg in the 70s. The beginning of the movie has a couple swim out into the ocean, and the man passes out from drinking too much on the shore. The girl through swims out into the depths and finds gets attacked by a great white shark. The movie then continues with Chief Brody going to see the remains of the girl and being told by the medical examiner that it was a boating accident. However, a shark expert tells Brody that it was a shark. Brody then decides that the beaches should be closed until the shark is found and killed. However, the Mayor and the towns people don't want it closed because it will cause a panic. So, going along with things, Brody doesn't close it down and the shark attacks a boy on the 4th of July and kills him. Later in the movie, the son's mother comes and finds Brody, slaps him, and blames him for the whole thing. He then closes the beaches, at everyone's disapproval, and hires a man to kill the shark. The rest of the movie is a lovely suspense film that ends with Brody killing the huge beast. 

Why say then that Jesus died for Chief Brody? I am not saying that Jesus died for a fictional character, but rather that Jesus died for people who make mistakes and do dumb things. Jesus died for those people who second guess themselves and fail. Jesus died for those who allow public opinion and peer pressure to make their decisions. Many pastors are like Brody right now. Yes, they are having to make decisions that they have never made before because of the uncertainty of the Corona Virus. The last time the church faced something like this was in 1918 with the Spanish Flu, and in places like St. Louis, it was mandated that the Churches not meet until the pandemic was over. Some pastors will make the decision in this time to keep their churches going like business is usual. It is not for us to condemn them for this, Jesus died for them and their decision. Some pastors will stop all activities and quarantine themselves and not see anyone until they are told that this virus has run its course. It is not for us to slap them silly, Jesus died for them. Some pastors will go to a virtual church and do everything online for the foreseeable future. it is not for us to laugh at them and mock them. No, Jesus died for them. Some pastor are going to do livestreaming and do communion by appointment only. It is not for us to say that they doubt God's love and don't believe in God's protection. No, Jesus died for them and their decision. In this time, pastors will make decisions that some will find helpful and others will mock and ridicule. Your pastor has never gone through this before, and needs your prayers, and for you to remind him that he is a forgiven child of God whose decisions are forgiven in the blood of Jesus. 

Pastors are not the only ones who will make mistakes in this time of chaos and indecision. You yourselves will make decisions that will have consequences for the future. You will make some choices for the best, and others for the detriment of your family life and other relationships. Through this time of pandemic, you will make decisions and act ways that you normally wouldn't act. Does Jesus condemn you for being this way? No, for Jesus came not to be served, but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many. Jesus died so that He may serve you with His forgiveness in the worst of times. Jesus died for you and your bad decisions. Jesus died for you and the times you let peer pressure determine your life. Jesus died for you and the times when you let the opinions of others determine your choices. Jesus died for you and the times you let your anxiety have the best of you. Jesus died for you and the times you didn't close the beach, and the shark killed someone else. Jesus died for you and for all the mistakes you have made, are making, and will make. Just like your pastor in this time is doing his best and failing, as are you, and Jesus died for us both that we may be forgiven and purified in His blood. 

This is not a time for blaming each other and living in hesitation with one another, but rather a time to shower one another in the forgiveness of our sins. This is the time to pray for one another, for our pastors, for our government, for the vulnerable, and for those in the medical field doing the work to help bring this chaos to a halt. May the Holy Spirit grant us grace to see one another in the righteousness of Christ, rather than through the lens of sin and the devil's temptations. Jesus forgives us all, for He died for us all on the cross, a once and for all sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins. 

Peace be with you. May the devil be silenced, the world be hushed, and the Old Adam be drowned anew so that you may hear the peaceful voice of your Savior Jesus who says, "I love you. I forgive you. I claim you as My own forever," Amen.

Jesus' Sheepdog 

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Karen Pabor March 19, 2020 7:54am

Thank you pastor for these comforting words. You and Pastor Daniels are in my prayers for strength and peace.

Diana Kiihne March 21, 2020 3:43pm

Thank you Pastor. I have been sharing your daily devotions as they speak to each aspect of our lives.
Prayers for you and Pastor Daniels and families