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Why you should be here.

Posted by Pastor Christopher Hull on

Yesterday, I posted a quote from the Pastoral Prayer Companion on Facebook. It was about how pastoral care always flows from and leads back to the Divine Service. The Companion speaks of the Divine Service saying, "The liturgy itself is the primary place of ongoing pastoral care as week after...

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Tags: divine service, forgiveness, jesus, liturgy, pastors

Memorization Confession

Posted by Pastor Christopher Hull on

Dear Saints,      It is amazing how small Luther's Small Catechism is. There are six chief parts, along with the Table of Duties, prayers, and some questions in order to prepare yourself for the Lord's Supper. However greatly I desire to memorize this little book in order to...

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Tags: catechism jesus, 7th petition

The Word that Comforts


Posted by Pastor Christopher Hull on

This morning in the Treasury of Daily Prayer, we were blessed with a writing from Walther that says, "Today, the cross is still a terror-but only to hell. It shines upon its ruins as a sign of victory over sin, death, and Satan. With a crushed head, the serpent of temptation lies at the foot of...

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Tags: church, cross, forgiveness, walther